C++ Game Programming
Basic C++ Lessons
This set of lessons will give you a simple introduction to programming in the C++ language.
Allegro Lessons
This set of lessons will demonstrate how to use the Allegro graphics library to create video games.
Game Source Code
Here you will find source code to several games so that you can see the code in action.
Recommended Books
Here is a list of books which should help you with C++
Welcome. This site will show all you need to know in order to create your own video games coded in C++. I have provided a few basic C++ lessons which will teach you all you need to move on to the graphics lessons. Double click anywhere on this site to bring up a quick link menu.

13 August 2012:
Forums updated

The forums have once again been upgraded to the latest version of phpBB! I hope you enjoy interacting with our community of game programmers!

24 May 2008:
New forums!!!!

I just installed the latest version of PHPBB!! I hope you enjoy the new forums! The old ones are still accessible, but are set to read only.

5 Jul. 2006:
Update to mouse tutorial

I've just finished making some changes to the mouse tutorial, check it out!!

13 Apr. 2006:
New animation tutorial!

Just posted a new lesson under the Allegro Lessons section. This one will show you how to animate your character's movements!

31 Mar. 2006:
The forums are back!

Its been a while! Moved a couple months ago, took me a while to get an internet connection.... Anyways, the forums are up and running again!

11 Sep. 2005:
Mouse Example

Sorry for the long delay! A small tutorial on how to use the mouse has been added. Updated the quick links menu (the one that comes up when you double click) aswell!

2 June 2005:

Added a tutorial under Basic C++ Lessons showing how to get a program to run multiple processes.